Stubborn Boxers

Boxers are stubborn by nature. They can be playful, funny, cute, serious the whole day but once you start training them, their natural stubborn personality starts to show.

You must understand that a stubborn boxer doesn’t respond well to being yelled at or being forced to do things he doesn’t want to. If you take that approach then your dog will only become more stubborn than before. And it will make training so much harder for you. For additional training informationyou can visit this page and read more.

Instead you will have to try another approach. Get your boxer off-guard. mix up your training techniques so that he doesn’t know what to expect. This will make training a little bit more interesting for your dog and it will feel less tedious.

Needless to rapid enrichment of the environment, particularly in the initial stages of learning, too, leads to the appearance of a large number of errors at the decision (the selection of the most effective programs of behavior). It makes no difference that you make to solve a complex problem in a very interesting theatrical performance.

During the formation of the same skill the dog is always forced to adopt new solutions, we have implemented various programs of behavior, as the previous rendered useless because of the unpredictability of the reinforcing effects from the perspective of the trainer.

Remember that being stubborn with a stubborn dog will provide no benefit to either one of you. It will only make things worse in the end. If your boxer becomes stubborn, find an alternative way to train him whatever it is you’re trying to teach him.

So how would you handle a dog training situation with your boxer?


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