Before you adopt a Boxer

There are couple of things you must know about boxers before you try to adopt one of your own. You must be familiar with the personality and temper of the breed and not base your opinion of the breed just on the looks.

Boxers are not aggressive or mean dogs. Yes, they do look intimidating due to their size and the mean look on their face. On the inside though, they are sweet and goofy dogs that love to play around and have fun.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t be protective of their owners. If these dogs sense any sort of threat or don’t feel right about a certain person, they will  let them know either through barking or by growling at them.

Another thing you must know about boxers is that hate being left home alone all day. Like I previously already said, these dogs are looking for fun and excitement. That’s something they won’t be able to find if they sit home alone all day.

If they get bored, they WILL find something else to do. Usually that something else is bad news for your furniture because these dogs love to chew when they’re bored.

This is why you often see Boxer dog owners with more than one boxer. If they are two of them then they keep each other some company while you’re gone. Or it could mean twice the trouble for you.

If you still want to learn more about the breed, then click here for more information. Remember that these dogs love to spend time outdoors and have fun with other dogs.


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