Top 3 Health Tips for Your Boxer

Want to be the best Boxer dog owner? Here are simple three tips that will help keep your dog healthy and happy. In addition to these tips you might check out other health tips for boxers.

Take your dog to the vet for regular checkups on time. Some health problems are not so easy to spot for regular people and a veterinary will have much better luck finding problems if there are any. Although your dog might not like going to the vet, he will enjoy being healthier and better off. If there is a health problem then your vet should be able to catch it while it’s still early and easier to cure instead of waiting until the symptoms become very obvious.

Feed your boxer with quality food. So many owners think that quality food means expensive food and pay large amounts of money for food that is probably no better than the cheap dog food you can find at grocery stores. Quality and price don’t always go hand in hand. If you’re not sure which dog food brand is right for your puppy, ask your vet. He or she will help you find one that is perfect for your puppy. Or better yet, start cooking for your dog yourself. That way you will know exactly what food is and isn’t going into your dog’s body. Just be sure to add a multivitamin to the mix.

Exercise is not something you can neglect when trying to raise a healthy boxer. Their bodies require exercise. Have you seen a proud large boxer that is covered in lean muscles with little to no fat? That’s the perfect body type for these dogs. They need to run and play for their muscles to grow.


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